Cathy Cleave

Not only was every class fun and exciting after 4 months my hip and shoulder do not bother me any more!! Will be back in November (wish it were sooner) What about an on line class for the snowbirds??

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Deb C.

As a 30 year educator I appreciate her ability to instruct students at all levels from non dancers to advanced, all ages, and ability levels. She also makes it easy, comfortable and fun for everyone and they all come away with the joy of dance. I have watched her teach non dancers, brand new beginners, and in an hour they are smiling and excited because THEY ARE DANCING! I have studied dance for more years than I will admit and have never enjoyed my studies so much. My other passion is performing and she has given us so many opportunities to entertain and share my love of dance with the community. She supports local events and donates her time to charities and organizations from Port Orange to Ormond. I invite anyone interested in dance to join us. You will love it!! Come join us!

Debi Nordgren

The best all-around studio with superior instruction in dance and fitness!

Yudith Day-Wygant

I am going on two years attending Quanita's Studio, and she is the kindest/thoughtful/caring person I have ever met in the fitness world. Who actually cares about her student’s wellbeing more, instead of only concentrating on profits...she keeps my fragile body strong customizing my workouts... Love her ♥

Lucinda Gaudio

Five Years with Quanita and her Zumba Fitness! One of the best decisions in my life!