Time is the one thing we cannot change.  We each get 24 hours in a day.  How do you spend that time?  Do your daily endeavors support YOUR DREAM or do they serve to take you farther away?  Take a moment and reflect on YOUR DEAM.

In a day we sleep for approximately 8 hours.  You are now left with 16 hours. Of that, you are engaged in a work life for approximately 8 hours.  You are now left with 8 hours.  It seems like plenty of time to engage in leisure activities, family time, and fitness.  But wait…what about lunch at work?  You are now down to 7 hours.  Driving to and from work takes at least an hour of time…down to 6.  With that you have to prepare breakfast, shower, dress, shop for groceries, prepare lunch, prepare dinner, spend some time with family, do laundry, and engage in SELF care.  You have to hope that not one thing goes awry in the day or occurs unexpectedly.

How are you spending your time?  Are you engaged in meaningful activities?  Think about how quickly the day goes.  Could it be that the world is over-scheduled?

We cannot manage time.  But we can manage our SELF.  We are all faced with the same challenge of a 24 hour day.  Take a moment…are there ways that you could save time to put towards your dream of health?  Perhaps, cooking versus eating out, or walking instead of watching television?  When reflecting on this consider the following.  Everything you do depends on your health and wellness.  Without your good health the day is meaningless.  When you prepare your schedule for the week start by preparing your healthy meals ahead of time, schedule your fitness, and take time for rest.  Most importantly you have to take back your time and make time your SELF.  Focus on the things that will bring you closer to YOUR DREAM.


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