How did you do in week 1?  The Mayor’s Challenge left you with the question:  WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?  At the conclusion of week 1, did you feel as though you had moved a step toward your dream?  Or did you find that you experienced a few challenges?

A few common challenges you may encounter include friends and family wanting to eat out, not drinking enough water, going to bed too late and feeling fatigued, making poor food choices, and choosing to not exercise.

The most important of these obstacles is sleep.  Lack of sleep and fatigue will cause you to lose sight of your dream, lose the resolve to exercise, promote poor food choices, decrease concentration, trigger excessive emotional reactions, increase forgetfulness, and reduce recovery time between workouts.  To combat fatigue most people turn to sugar, caffeine,  and more food. 

The ideal evening wind-down begins shortly after 6 p.m.  The goal is to complete your last meal of the day before 6 p.m.  The entire body, including digestion, recovery, and fat loss, are effected by the setting and rising of the sun.  This is called the Circadian cycle.  It is based on a 24 hour time period.  To work in harmony with this cycle, it is best to wake as the sun rises (which prompts an increase in cortisol in the body and signals your body to wake-up) approximately 6 a.m , and go to bed by 10 p.m.

If you are a night owl or work a late night shift, you may notice that you have a tendency to carry excess weight around the waistline.  Try to remember if the increase in weight coincided with later nights or disrupted sleep patterns?

The Mayor mentioned that he wanted our community to improve their sleep quality.  To do this, follow these simple tips:  (a) try to eat early enough that natural melatonin is able to be released in preparation for sleep; (b) be in bed by 10 p.m. and asleep by 10:30 p.m.; (c) use low wattage lights 2 hours prior to sleep; (d) sleep in a dark, cool room; (e) turn off your cell phone and leave it in the other room; (f) decrease stress at night since the body stays awake in the presence of stress, cortisol, adrenaline, and sugar; (g) drink water throughout the day and exercise.

Managing your sleep will increase your overall energy level and promote weight loss.  Improving your sleep quality is free and the simplest thing to manage.  What if following these simple tips could help you lose anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds?  What if you had the energy and motivation to exercise and not ache the next day?  What if better sleep makes those everyday stressors seem more manageable?

Better sleep will bring you closer to YOUR DREAM!

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