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Pole dancing (also known as vertical dance fitness) is renowned for improving strength, balance and core flexibility. Most people are under the impression that dancing on a pole requires extreme upper body strength, and it does, but only at an intermediate level. It is very easy and stress-free to build up your pole dancing skills as a beginner, and you’ll definitely feel the difference in your muscles after the first session.

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Cathy Cleave

Not only was every class fun and exciting after 4 months my hip and shoulder do not bother me any more!! Will be back in November (wish it were sooner) What about an on line class for the snowbirds??...

Lucinda Gaudio

Five Years with Quanita and her Zumba Fitness! One of the best decisions in my life!...

Debi Nordgren

The best all-around studio with superior instruction in dance and fitness!...

Yudith Day-Wygant

I am going on two years attending Quanita's Studio, and she is the kindest/thoughtful/caring person I have ever met in the fitness world. Who actually cares about her student’s wellbeing more, inste...

Try something totally different for 2015!

As well the physical benefits, pole dancing is a great confidence booster. You’ll feel so much better about yourself once you ditch the sweatpants and sneakers for hot pants and heels! Pole dancing has also been known to encourage the brain to release endorphins (otherwise known as ‘the happy hormone’) making this an exercise routine that will improve more about your lifestyle than you think. As well as shedding the pounds and feeling sexier than ever, you will have gained a head-turning skill and party trick that most women would envy.

Pole dancing classes in Daytona are taught by a professional instructor in an intimate environment. The largest class will only consist of four people, giving the instructor a chance to assess everyone’s individual needs. However, smaller classes are available; you can even have a one-to-one session for the same price. Book and pay ahead for your 30 minute class.

So ditch the treadmill and get on the pole! Try something totally different for 2015 with pole dancing classes in Daytona!

If toning and fitness are your overall objectives, Toning and Flirty Fitness are two other options for Zumba in Daytona. The Toning class is a fantastic split workout that combines different types of exercises, and you will also build overall body strength. Flirty Fitness is a 30 minute class that makes you feel great all over, and you can take your seductive new dance moves to your next party or club night. It is advisable to bring your sneakers with you, and it offers you a super way to show off your new and improved core!



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