Debi Nordgren

The best all-around studio with superior instruction in dance and fitness!...

Yudith Day-Wygant

I am going on two years attending Quanita's Studio, and she is the kindest/thoughtful/caring person I have ever met in the fitness world. Who actually cares about her student’s wellbeing more, inste...

Deb C.

As a 30 year educator I appreciate her ability to instruct students at all levels from non dancers to advanced, all ages, and ability levels. She also makes it easy, comfortable and fun for everyone a...

Lucinda Gaudio

Five Years with Quanita and her Zumba Fitness! One of the best decisions in my life!...

Personal Training

As a CHEK exercise coach and CHEK holistic lifestyle coach you can expect to experience a functional training work-out, sometimes a work-in, stability training, specific length tension stretching, and a different workout each session.  Ideal for clients short on time.  Fitness can be efficient and successful and completely individual.  You are greater than fitness and are a whole person who deserves  your own coach.  From weight loss, strength increases, toning, stress relief through movement, breathing correctly, nutritional guidance, grocery shopping, goal setting, or transformational coaching...we are here to help navigate you to your health and wellness goals.

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