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Golf performance training in Daytona helps you to take your game to the next level - combining this historical sport with the latest scientific principles.

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Cathy Cleave

Not only was every class fun and exciting after 4 months my hip and shoulder do not bother me any more!! Will be back in November (wish it were sooner) What about an on line class for the snowbirds??...

Deb C.

As a 30 year educator I appreciate her ability to instruct students at all levels from non dancers to advanced, all ages, and ability levels. She also makes it easy, comfortable and fun for everyone a...

Yudith Day-Wygant

I am going on two years attending Quanita's Studio, and she is the kindest/thoughtful/caring person I have ever met in the fitness world. Who actually cares about her student’s wellbeing more, inste...

Lucinda Gaudio

Five Years with Quanita and her Zumba Fitness! One of the best decisions in my life!...

Golf performance training in Daytona will give you the edge over your competitors and golfing buddies!

You might be forgiven for thinking that spending all of your time on the course is the key to improving your game, but you could consider some off-course activity that will bring a number of benefits. General fitness aside, consulting with a specialist will enable you to develop your game - just like the pros!

Perfecting your swing is the ultimate aim of any golfer - amateur or professional. Golf performance training in Daytona will give you the edge over your competitors and golfing buddies, with resistance band training that is designed to both strengthen the core arm muscles and optimize your range of motion. This is not about building huge arm muscles, and there is a reason why bodybuilders cannot drive a ball 400 yards! The perfect swing needs optimal biceps, triceps and forearm muscles, and your tailor-made plan will also include technique tuition to make the most of what you already have.

If golf is more of a leisure activity for you, golf performance training in Daytona can show you how to use the game to increase your overall fitness levels. After a consultation with a dedicated professional, you will have an ongoing plan of action that is designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. With the correct guidance, this low-impact sport can bring huge benefits for any player - regardless of your age and current level of fitness. If you are recovering from some kind of injury, your trainer can show you how golf could assist you in your recovery period.


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