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The Freestyler fitness program uses resistance bands, added to workout boards, for a fantastic workout that benefits your whole body. This class has had some amazing feedback from its participants, so come and find out for yourself!

Class is so popular and great for balance strength range of motion and total fat burning combined with toning that we offer it twice a week including Sundays.

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  • Group or Private sessions

    Our classes take you through various routines.

  • Structured and safe program

    Toning, cardio, core, flexibility, plus range of motion, and great music in one class.

  • Confidence

    Our classes are specifically aimed at getting results.

  • Support

    Our instructors will be with you every step of the way to ensure you learn the correct techniques and progress towards your personal goals.


Deb C.

As a 30 year educator I appreciate her ability to instruct students at all levels from non dancers to advanced, all ages, and ability levels. She also makes it easy, comfortable and fun for everyone a...

Lucinda Gaudio

Five Years with Quanita and her Zumba Fitness! One of the best decisions in my life!...

Yudith Day-Wygant

I am going on two years attending Quanita's Studio, and she is the kindest/thoughtful/caring person I have ever met in the fitness world. Who actually cares about her student’s wellbeing more, inste...

Cathy Cleave

Not only was every class fun and exciting after 4 months my hip and shoulder do not bother me any more!! Will be back in November (wish it were sooner) What about an on line class for the snowbirds??...

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